Vacuum coating technology of vacuum pump

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Vacuum coating technology of vacuum pump
24.10.2019 11:16
Vacuum coating technology of vacuum pump
What do you know about the knowledge of 2BV vacuum pump? You often use it. You should know about its vacuum coating technology. Here is the introduction of the vacuum coating technology of 2BV vacuum pump:

Vacuum coating technology is an important branch of 2BV vacuum pump application technology. It has been widely used in optics, electronics, energy development, physical and chemical instruments, construction machinery, packaging, civil products, appearance science and scientific research. The main methods of vacuum coating are evaporation, sputtering, ion plating, beam stacking and molecular beam epitaxy. In addition, there is chemical vapor deposition.

If the purpose of vacuum coating is to change the physical and chemical properties of the material surface, this technology is an important part of the vacuum surface treatment technology. Now I will give a brief introduction to its main application. First of all, in terms of optics, a piece of optical glass or quartz coated with one or several layers of films of different substances can become a high reflection or no reflection (i.e. antireflection film) or any expected proportion of reflection or transmission data, and can also be used as a filter for absorption of a certain wavelength and transmission of another wavelength.

High reflective films are needed from large-diameter astronomical telescopes and various lasers to large window coated Jasmine in new buildings. Antireflective film is widely used in photography, laser start, and new building window coated glass, which are in great demand. Antireflection film is widely used in camera and television camera lens. Vacuum coating plays an important role in electronics. Various range of inheritance circuits. Including memory, arithmetic unit, notification logic element, etc. all need to use conductive film, insulating film and maintenance film. As the mask of the circuit, chromium film is used.

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